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Thoughts On Architecture And Creativity....


"Seldom does any creative work begin without inspiration.  Often an Architect with an assignment looks for inspiration. It could be the building site that offers the opportunity, or it could be a client that says just the right thing that sparks the imagination.


There is never a time quite like the beginning.  All things seem possible, and until the restrictions impose themselves, there is a flight of spirit that is exhilarating.  However, in the real world we must deal with the limitations of codes, budget, and sometimes a client's unrealistic program.  One must rise above these!  Often a great and creative solution, surprisingly, is derived from what seemed impossible at the outset. From the beginning of every project, there is a lengthy period of germination in which ideas abound, schemes and details are mentally processed until a path to a possible solution is visualized."


- Kenneth R. Miller

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